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India raises tariffs on Aluminum imports

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9/12/2019   |   
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India has notified the WTO on imposing a provisional safeguards measure on imported Aluminium (alloyed and not alloyed), at the rate of %5 ad-valorem. The measure will be applied for 200 days and the investigation will continue until reaching a final determination as to whether or not a definitive safeguards measure should be applied.
In its notification, India stated that the Director General Safeguards, the indian competent authority, “has concluded in the Preliminary findings that increase in imports of the PUC is the cause of serious injury and threat of serious injury to the domestic industry. The DG Safeguard in its determination of injury, concluded that:

•There was an increase in import in absolute terms and relative to domestic production and that the increase in import was recent enough and sharp enough;
•The loss of market share is attributed to increased imports;
•The low price increased imports has affected the sale of domestic industry, in spite of high domestic demand;
•During the last financial year 2015-16, there was price under-selling due to the higher cost of sales vis-a-vis landed price of imports, which put the pressure on the domestic industry causing losses;
•The profitability of the domestic industry (DI) has steeply deteriorated in 2015-16 and the DI recorded losses;
•The competent authority has examined the issue of “critical circumstances” in its investigations and found that critical circumstances exist, warranting Safeguard investigation.”

The same notification invited affected exporting countries for consultations on the measure. All developing countries were excluded from the provisional measure except Malaysia, South Africa, and Thailand.

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