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Ukraine Extends Safeguards Measures on flexible porous plates

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8/12/2018   |   
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AL Armouti-13/7/2019


Ukraine has recently notified the WTO on extending the safeguard measure applied on imports of "flexible porous plates, blocks, and sheets of polyurethane foams", to an additional three years.


In its notification to the WTO on Friday; Ukraine mentioned that the leading economic indicators of the domestic industry did not reach the level that had existed before the initiation of the safeguard investigation demonstrating by such that domestic industry had not recovered from the injury caused by increased imports of said product from 2012 to 2014.


The safeguard measure will be a tariff rate of 13,09% to be gradually decreased in the following two years to 12,44% and 11,81% respectively.


Major exporting countries of this product are Hungary, Germany, Poland, and Romania.

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