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AL Armouti Secures Significant Victory In Safeguards Case

By : Al Armouti Lawyers & Consultants  |   
19/5/2020   |   
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AmmanAL Armouti earned a significant victory this week after a final determination to terminate the safeguards investigation on potato chips imports without imposing a safeguard measure.


Yesterday Jordan notified the WTO on the final determination, which was issued by the Minister of Industry and Trade upon the recommendation of the investigating authority. 


The investigation was initiated by the National Production Protection authority on September 1st, 2019, following a petition filed by three local industries producing potato chips products, in which they alleged of being seriously injured due to the increase of "competing" potato chips imports into the Jordanian market. Al Armouti represented the major importer of potato chips and assisted several international companies exporting the product to Jordan.


Throughout the investigation, Al Armouti demonstrated that the petitioners were not representative of the overall Jordanian industry, contrary to the WTO requirements on safeguards and the National Production Protection law. Disqualifying by such the data presented in the petition from legal effectiveness, especially pertaining to the relative increase of imports and injury. Also, Al Armouti demonstrated that the alleged injury was attributed to numerous factors other than imports, and that the increase in imports was not a result of unforeseen developments.


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