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Baha'a Armouti Speaks At GTLA's Annual Meeting In Beijing

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5/9/2018   |   
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Beijing- Managing Counsel Baha’a Armouti was a featured speaker at the annual meeting of the Global Trade Law Advisors (GTLA) which was hosted last week in Beijing by the premier Chinese law practice Jingsh Law Firm. During the annual meeting events, members of the GTLA spoke on trade remedy regulation in their respective jurisdictions and on the global trade outlook for 2017. Also, they held a debate on the future of China’s market economy status.


In his session, Baha'a talked about trade remedy measures in Jordan, focusing on the Safeguards mechanism being an essential trade remedy tool frequently used by Jordan for protecting the domestic Industry from the surge of like imports.


He also explained the jordanian experience in applying safeguards measures from the early beginnings, and reflected on his experience as a governmental official establishing and heading the competent authority in jordan, and as a lawyer representing clients in trade remedy cases in jordan and the Middle East, and the obstacles that faced developing countries in that part of the world to adapt to the WTO system including trade remedies.


On the second day of the meetings, Baha'a talked about trade outlook in the Middle East for the year 2017. He explained trade regulation in the Middle East and shed light on the significant free trade agreements playing key roles in middle eastern trade, internally and externally, specially the Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA), the free trade agreements Jordan signed with both the US and the EU, in addition to the free trade agreements existing between jordan and egypt with Turkey. He also discussed thoroughly the major factors affecting trade outlook in the Middle East; the Syrian conflict and the sharp decreases in oil prices in the recent past years which had a negative impact on the economies of middle eastern Arab countries including the GCC . Additionally, Baha’a talked about the trading relationships between China and Arab Middle Eastern countries, observing the potential trading opportunities that will occur under the Chinese initiative "One Belt One Road".


In his opening statement, Baha'a said: "I would like to express my gratitude to our associates Jingsh Law firm for their warm hospitality and excellent arrangements, and for hosting the very first annual meeting of the GTLA. Also i would like to thank our distinguished guests from the different chinese law firms for attending our annual meetings, hoping that we meet again in the future to enrich our legal knowledge and to further cement and develop the historic bridges we have between our cultures, which i highly cherish and am proud of, thank you very much."

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