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EU Imposes Final Anti-Dumping Duties on Steel Pipes Imported from China And Tawian

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29 Jan 2017


The EU has issued on Friday its final determination to impose Anti-Dumping duties on imported "certain stainless steel tube and pipe butt-welding fittings, whether or not finished" from China and Taiwan. The final determination was issued following an investigation into a petition filed by the representative of the EU Steel Pipe industry on 14 September 2015, according to which it was concluded that said imports have been increasing into the EU market and sold at dumped prices causing by such material injury to the EU steel industry.


The Anti Dumping duties to be imposed on Chinese imports of Stainless Steel Pipes will range from 30.7-64.9 percent. As for the Tawianese imports; the duties to be imposed will range from  5.1-12.1 percent. 


The first reaction from China came from the Ministry of Commerce, which vowed to contest the EU measures. MOC indicated that the EU has treated China as a non market economy country by using the surrogate country approach in the investigation, violating by such EU's committments under the WTO, specially after the expiry of China's non-market economy status clause in its protocol of accession to the WTO on Dec 11 2016.

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