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GCC Initiates Anti-Dumping Investigation on Electric Accumulators from India, Spain and Turkey

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27/4/2021   |   
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RIYADH -  The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has initiated an anti-dumping investigation on imports of Electric accumulators from India, Turkey, and Spain.


The investigation was initiated following a petition filed by the Saudi National Batteries Company, supported by the Omani Reem Batteries & Power Appliances CO., both of which constitute %45 of GCC’s overall producers of the subject product as mentioned in the initiation notice.


The subject product is defined under GCC's harmonized System as “Electric accumulators- including separators - whether or not rectangular (including square)-  Lead-acid, of a kind used for starting piston engines, used to launch motors for piston engine from 35 amp- 225 amp” imported under HS code No. 85071000.


The authority invited all Interested to participate in the investigation including governments of exporting countries and the exporting companies.


Also, in the initiation notice published today; the authority asked exporters to make themselves known and to provide information on their GCC export sales and their local sales for the year 2020 to verify whether or not exporting companies were selling their product to the GCC below its normal value in the country of origin.


Anti-dumping measures in the GCC are governed by the Unified Law on Anti-Dumping, Countervailing, and Safeguards Measures, applied by all GCC countries. The central authority investigating anti-dumping petitions is the Bureau of the Technical Secretariat to Combat Harmful Practices in International Trade, located in Al Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia.


The period of investigation is 12 months and may be extended to 18 months under the Unified Law; during which all interested parties will have the opportunity to submit data and comments and to participate in the public hearing. The authority will also verify all information and data provided by the petitioners and participating parties.


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