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What They Say About Us

Armouti Clients

“Al Armouti is not only our legal services provider but also reached out to be a partner and a business developer for NCC. Their legal services exceeded a “should be done” framework, to  “ what could be done” solutions and recommendations. What distinguishes Al Armouti from other legal practices is their ability to brilliantly integrate a high level of professional experiences with their outstanding capabilities and knowledge, while utilizing advanced technologies to best serve their clients.”

Basem Zabian - CEO ,
Northern Cement Company (PSC)
Armouti Clients

“I had the opportunity to closely work with Baha’a and his firm in different projects and I have great memories of our collaboration. He has the right mindset and is really on the ball when it comes to delivering practical solutions to complex issues. Besides the technical qualities that make him a promising lawyer, Baha’a also possesses human qualities that are highly distinctive. He has excellent client contact and he always maintains a strong relationship with his collaborators. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.”

Dr. Fevzi Toksoy - Managing Partner,
Armouti Clients

“Al Armouti Law Firm has been a valuable partner to our business. Their vast knowledge in trade remedies and competition law has enabled us to navigate complex anti-dumping issues, the resolution of which was crucial to how we do business. The team is professional, skillful and inspires confidence.”

Omar Zumot, General Manager,
Zumot Corporation Ltd.
Armouti Clients

“Dealing with Al Armouti law firm has introduced me to a different level of legal consultation; this is due to the effort that Mr. Baha’ Armouti himself provides to understand the business and commercial aspects of his client’s needs before discussing it from a static legal point of view. Having Al-Armouti as our legal consultant in a previous Joint venture agreement turned out to have them as a business developer due to their integrated discussion about the targeted business objectives of the agreement itself which allowed us and our partners to scale up our partnership farther. It is worth mentioning that Al Armouti has proven its commitment to making its legal support valid, reliable, and available on time all the time! “

Ali Dabbas, Director of Strategic Planning and Development,
Armouti Clients

“ Baha’a takes a careful, wholistic approach to problem solving, addressing issues with a deep understanding of the law and relevant officials in international trade in Jordan and in the region.”

Mark Lehnardt,
Baker Hostelter

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