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World Trade Organization

World Trade Organization

World Trade Organization

We have extensive experience in the WTO agreements, precedents, jurisprudence, and their interrelationship with domestic laws in Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

We advise on and represent our clients in disputes and issues falling under customs law, standards Law, export-import law, electronic transactions law, intellectual property law, agriculture law, and investment law.


Our objective is to assist companies overcome market entry barriers caused by either violation of the rules by competitors; or misinterpretation of the WTO rules by governmental agencies.


AL Armouti acts on both administrative and judicial levels by providing legal advice and legal representation services before concerned authorities and competent courts.

Select Experience

  • Assisted the Jordanian Industry of galvanized coil sheets in increasing applied MFN rates on imported like products under article 2 of the GATT 1994.
  • Successfully represented General Motors' exclusive dealership in Jordan in court proceedings under the WTO customs evaluation agreement and Customs law.
  • Advised the Ministry of Industry and trade-in negotiations to sign free trade agreements with Singapore and Turkey.
  • Assisted the A4 paper industry in increasing applied MFN rates on imported A4 paper from %0-%5 under article 2 of the GATT 1994.
  • Assisted a Jordanian Cement manufacturer in annulling the decision to prohibit entry of clinker cement under article 11 of GATT 1994.
  • Advised clients on issues falling under the Great Arab Free Trade Agreement.
  • Advised Banana producers on compliance of Governmental duties on imported products with WTO rules.
  • Advised international exporting companies on requirements to issue rules of origin certificates under free trade agreements in Jordan and the UAE.